Apla Pune Marathon 2022 Timing Certificate

Apla Pune Marathon 2022 Photographs are live!

Please follow the steps outlined below:

1. Please use your browser to access the following link: https://miniapp.veloscope.in/APM20222. Provide your BIB# (Ex: 49001, 21001..etc)3. Press the Go button4. Your image preview will now appear, and you can select which images to post on Facebook by clicking on the share using Facebook button.5. To download, click the download button to the left side of the image

Your Unidentified Photographs:
Please check your images in an unidentified section if you did not wear the BIB or if it fell off while running. The steps are as follows.

1. Open your browser and click or copy-paste the link: https://miniapp.veloscope.in/APM20222. Enter 'U' in the input box for your BIB#3. Press the Go button.

  • Dry Fit T-Shirt

  • Finishers Medal

  • Sling Bag with Exciting Goodies

  • Customized Bib & Timing Chip

  • Reward and Gifts (only for winners)

  • On-Course Hydration Support (Water/Energy Drink/Salts)

  • On-Course Physio, Medical & Ambulance Support

  • Entertaining Zumba & Stretching Sessions

  • Free Personalised Photos

  • Personalized E-Timing Certificate

  • Healthy Breakfast

  • Valued Event Experience


With the motto of “Promoting Health & Fitness", we envisage a scenario where people from all age groups, across diverse communities, come together as one and work towards a healthy and fit lifestyle.

COVID has had a significant impact on our lives and our lifestyle. It has made us adapt to inactive habits restricting us to our compact makeshift workspaces at home. It has hence become imperative for us to shift our focus on adapting to a healthy lifestyle and bring our health back on track, up and running in a fitter manner.

The challenge of running a marathon is highly stimulating for many runners, providing them with an opportunity to test their physical and psychological abilities. Their feelings of deep personal awareness and positive self-perception might also be motivating.

Testing our endurance takes years of practice and dedication to be healthy & fit. People train all year long, running long distances. They start small by setting shorter limits and keep pushing them as they achieve every milestone. This is the level of practice it takes. The participants get to push their limits and run in a city that’s rich with historic & cultural heritage. Pune has always been a city that has evolved over ages, yet never changed a shade when it comes to staying in the pink of its health.

Terms & Conditions

1. Participants in the 21km category will be starting from Mahavir Jain hostel next to BMCC road, Pune and ending at the Shree Shivchattrapati Sports Complex, Balewadi. Provisions made for 21km category participants during the event (26th June 2022): Baggage collection and delivery service will be available from Jain Hostel to Shree Shivchattrapati Sports Complex, Balewadi.

2. PMPML bus shuttle service is available from Shree Shivchattrapati Sports Complex, Balewadi to Jain Hostel for those who will be needing it.

3. Limited Spot Entries on the expo days (24th and 25th June, 2022) No BIB & Kit distribution on event day (26th June, 2022)