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Champ Endurance

Punit Balan Group Apla Pune Marathon (Season 4)

Punit Balan Group Apla Pune Marathon (Season 4)

October 20, 2024

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Terms and Conditions

  1. This event is a marathon and is not a short-distance race. The competitive distance category is from 10 km to 42 km. The road closure will be for a few kilometres and a few crucial points only. Every participant is expected to take care of their safety at their own risk.
  2. The event organizer will provide hydration, medical, and crew support. However, if participants have any prior medical conditions, it is their responsibility to seek advice from their family doctor before participating.
  3. Finisher medal and packed breakfast will be distributed at the takeaway counter. Participants are requested to follow social distancing guidelines while collecting the medal and breakfast.
  4. Medals and breakfast will be distributed only during the event time.
  5. BIB and EVENT KIT will be distributed at BIB DISTRIBUTION centres, which will be announced a few days before the event date.
  6. Please note that BIB and EVENT KIT will not be distributed on the event day and after event day.
  7. Participants will not be allowed in the holding area without a BIB.
  8. If the event date is changed, participants can claim a full refund (if they have paid for registration) by contacting OR Existing registrations will be carried forward to the new date.
  9. If the event is cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances, participants will receive a full refund (if they have paid for registration).
  10. In case of any changes in event time, venue, or route, the event organizer will notify participants through email or the event website at
  11. For any queries, participants can email
  12. As the run will start early morning in the dark 42kms participants must carry Head Torch while running for their safety
  13. After registering for this event, you are granting permission to the organizer to use the photos clicked at the event for the promotion of future Champ Endurance events
  14. Medical Partner of this event shall provide the Services to the Participants of The Event up until its completion free of cost to the Participants. For any medical care further to the Services provided to the Participant and for which admission into any in-patient department (IPD) is required, the Participant shall be admitted to the nearest hospital and the Participant or relative shall follow the policies of that hospital for admission and billing. In case the Participant is admitted to the Hospital, he/ she shall be charged for the medical services availed there as per the prevailing policy of that hospital and the Participant shall bear such costs.